Kogi: Irukera pledges affordable, accessible healthcare system in Kogi



A governorship aspirant from Kogi, Mr Babatunde Irukera on Thursday, pledged to ensure simplified healthcare system that is rural, accessible and affordable, if elected governor of the state.

Irukera, an aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in an interview with Nigeria News Agency , said that his agenda is ‘’HELP’’- Healthcare, Employment, Learning and shared Prosperity’’, because Kogi needed help.

He said that his administration would not only focus on healthcare delivery, as it would also ensure that tax payers money were used for purpose it was released..

“For me the approach to healthcare in kogi is to fist recognise what the problems are. The simplest approach to healthcare in rural level is that access is very important.’’

“I will explore every possible network to get the help that Kogi needs whether its medical tourism by Nigerians doctors abroad.

“I will seek supports from NGOs including those that I am one of their leaders to provide healthcare service to our people every year. I will continue to do that to find charitable help for our healthcare,” he said.

Irukera noted that while his administration would make farming attractive , it would also promote peaceful community relations by making sure that the clashes between farmers and herdsmen were addressed.

Irukera said that his learning agenda would focus on educational approach that promote critical thinking, reasoning and proper communication.

He said that attention would be given to curriculum, simpler ways of teaching, recruitment and training of teachers while leveraging on technology

“We leverage on technology, making sure friends of Kogi and technological companies accross the world  interested in proliferating technology in the state come and support us. 

“I don’t think it will not too much or too difficult to get people to just provide broadband in Kogi or get companies that are willing to provide about 500 tablets to 500 teachers across the three senatorial districts,” he said.

Irukera also pledged to promote prosperity to alleviate poverty in the state by expanding the base of prosperity.

“If we can bring the processing plant to add value right there in Kogi, certainly we will be able to promote prosperity.

“We have Ajaokuta, right next to the steel plan are people doing marble and ceramics. We must find a way to expand those businesses so that we can have shared prosperity,” he said.

Irukera urged delegates to the party primaries to reflect on the real risk of not getting the right leadership for the state.

“I laud the delegates that in exercising that power, they should be reflective. They should reflect on what the real stakes are.

“There is no intimidation or amount of money in the coming days or on the day of the election that can compare to what the stakes are.

“The stakes in getting the right leadership, for people who are struggling and many of their children who are even yet unborn. That burden is on our shoulders as delegates.

“As for me, all I can do is to present myself. In the delegate election, the interesting thing is that the candidate is not a delegate.

“So, if I cannot win the delegate election, I will go back to bed with the satisfaction that I offered myself and presented myself.


Edited by Kayode Olaitan

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