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Lab scientist warns against self medication



A medical laboratory scientist, Mrs Vivian Ogbajie, has warmed against the dangers of self medication, saying it has a tremendous negative consequence on the patient.

She gave this warning in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Umuahia on Tuesday.

Ogbajie, a manager at the Safety Molecular Laboratory, Umuahia, decried the alarming rate at which people resorted to self medication without proper clinical examination.

She attributed the problem to poverty and lack of education, saying that “some people think it is expensive to do a test, as a result, they tend to ignore it”.

According to her, it is very important for a patient to do a clinical laboratory test because it will help the physician to make correct diagnosis as well as determine the appropriate course of treatment.

“Doctors, laboratory scientists and radiographers are supposed to work in synergy.

“But most times, people think that doctors are more important than the laboratory scientists, therefore, they usually ignore this vital part of the diagnostic process,” she said.

Ogbajie also raised the alarm against the prevalence of malaria infections and called for proper environmental sanitation to prevent mosquito bite.

“From my findings in our laboratory test, most people test positive to malaria.

“It is common in this part of the world and it is deadly. So there is the need to always protect ourselves against the attack. We must try as much as possible to keep our environment clean always,” she said.