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Lawyer urges women to report harassment to appropriate agencies



( ) The Social Secretary, Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), Ilorin branch, Mr Kolawole Usman, has called on women to report any form of harassment to the appropriate security agencies rather than seek personal revenge.

Usman gave this advice in Ilorin on Friday in an interview with the Nigeria News Agency in view of the rising cases of domestic violence in Nigeria.

He advised women to report to the police, civil defence personnel or lawyers and stop taking laws into their hands by revenge; to cause injury or death to the perpetrator.

“Even in marriage or place of work, women are increasingly becoming victims of harassment. They should speak out or report such harassment instead of planning to fight back.

“They should stop listening to bad advice from friends to embark on a revenge mission. There are policemen and civil defence officers around, who are ready to help.

“The Nigerian government must act fast to save women from the day-to-day harassment. Women should be celebrated and not to be assaulted by men”.

According to him, women are not sex objects but special creatures of God, who deserve to be protected,” he said.

The lawyer, however, advised men to desist from threatening and harassing women at homes and in public places.

“Men must learn to respect and love their women counterparts and stop subjecting them to emotional trauma everyday,” he said.











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