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Man drags widow to court over late husband’s N210, 000 debt




Kaduna, April 23, 2019 A 46-year-old man, Uma Emeka, on Tuesday, dragged a widow before a Sharia Court lI, sitting at Magajin Gari, Kaduna State, over N210,000 debt.

Emeka, who lives in NEPA Roundabout way, Kaduna, told the court that he deposited N210, 000 into  the account of Malami Sa’idu’s account of the widow’s late husband in 2016 to help him buy a  Toyota Highlander 2003 model.

He said that Sa’idu bought the car and sold it, with a promise to get another one for him but he never did.

`I lost Sa’idu’s phone number because he has been avoiding me. I heard of his death afterwards.

“The deceased has a house in Shanono Rigasa, Kaduna, his family has put it for sale but they are rejecting a lot of offers made to the house, they don’t want to sell the house to pay me my money,’’ Emeka said.

The wife of the deceased, Asabe, after hearing the complaint against her late husband, admitted to the accusations.

“Before my husband died, he told me that he was owing Emeka some money. We have put our house at Shanono Rigasa Kaduna for sale to be able to pay Emeka his money.

“We have received very discouraging offers for the house. We can’t sell the house for the amount they are offering. l promise that we will pay back Emeka his money,’’ the widow said.

The Judge, Dahiru Lawal, in his judgment,held that the court would carry out as assessment on the house and liaise with agents to see if the widow can get a better offer.