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Mixed Martial Arts: I’m mentally ready for Fight Night, says Idam



As athletes prepare for the 2nd Warriors Sports Championship (WSC) Mixed Martial Arts Championships in Lagos, Racheal Idam on Thursday said that she’s mentally and physically ready for the contest.

The 10 bouts in different categories Mixed Martial Arts Fight Night put together by WSC, will hold on the Sept. 1 at the Indoor Sports Hall, National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos.

Idam told the Nigeria News Agency in Lagos that her main aim of participating in the contest was to come out victorious, hence, she’s fully ready to challenge any opponent.

“If I’m afraid of anybody, then I won’t come for the contest, I’m very confident of myself and I will do very well.

“’I anticipate a tough encounter, so I am ready to battle come fight night,“ Idam said.

Eniola Busari, who is also one of the contenders, expressed gratitude to their sponsors for giving them the platform to showcase their talents.

“A lot of people have talents to showcase but lag behind when there’s no one to encourage them.

“I have been practicing Mixed Martial Arts for 12 years now because of my passion for the sport, it gives the physical fitness I desire.

“Sincerely, I look forward to the fight night and I hope more fans will come out and support us in the event,” Busari said.

A Cameroon international, Esoe Franklin, said he practiced well in his country with his coaches and he got the encouragement he needed from them, so he was excited about the fight night.

“I advice that my opponents be very careful and expect a lot of fire from me because I have a lot of skills and it is not going to be easy for them.

“’Mixed Martial Arts is growing in Cameroon and the rest of West Africa and I am proud to be in Nigeria to compete for honours,” Franklin said.

Senam Kofi, the Deputy President, Warriors Sports Championship, said that they were using the opportunity to build a platform for potential talented future champions.

“Mixed Martial Arts is a passion that we developed long time ago and we saw the potential in Nigeria and Africa, we have now created a platform for people to showcase their talents.

“Fans should expect fireworks and lots of fun on Sunday as their will also be maximum security,“ Kofi said.


(Editing by Peter Ejiofor)