Moldovan political parties poised for coalition talks as vote split

Moscow, Feb. 26, 2019 (dpa/NNN) Popular political parties in Moldova’s parliamentary elections were poised for coalition talks as the final vote count came in on Tuesday with a roughly three-way split.

According to the final tally by the former Soviet republic’s electoral authority, the voting was a test of pro-Russian President Igor Dodon’s Party of Socialists, which managed to lead with 31 per cent.

According to the Central Electoral Commission, two pro-EU forces closely followed: the broadly pro-European ACUM group, with 26 per cent, and the legislature’s previously dominant Democratic Party, with 23 per cent.

“If the election results are approved, I, as the president of the Republic of Moldova, am ready to provide a negotiation platform to the party leaders for the creation of a coalition,’’ Dodon said in a statement on Monday.

The Democratic Party also said it was ready for coalition talks.

“It is important to leave past resentments behind and look ahead, towards the needs and aspirations of citizens,’’ Democratic leader Vlad Plahotniuc said in comments published by his party.

According to a statement, the second-place ACUM group called the elections “neither free nor fair”.

“We will fight to defend our vote and defend democracy,’’ ACUM group said.

The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), which monitored the voting, said that Sunday’s elections were “generally well run” and “fundamental rights were respected.”

The organisation did, however, express concern about several issues, including allegations of vote-buying. (dpa/NNN)

Edited by Abiodun Oluleye/Hadiza Mohammed-Aliyu