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Music plagiarism: Some musicians do not research what they want to sing



Akintunde Brown, a musician and a song writer, on Thursday, said that music plagiarism came about because musicians do not research what they want to say to public.

Brown told the Nigeria News Agency in Lagos that some musicians find it easy with what they sing and it is difficult for


He said that some musicians do not try to figure out things but had their influences,  which is copying from others.

“Some musicians can write songs, while some find it difficult to do so and they start looking for who to copy from.

“The music also influences what people do, how they think and it helps to relax them and brings out the good in them,” he said.

He said that a musician must use his music to correct, entertain, inform and educate and also to thrill people.

“If they are lacking, it means, you have no business being in the line of music and if you “copycat’’ it means you need to do something else not music.

Brown noted that he was not saying that some people could not write songs for musicians but you have to pay heavily for that.

“If you cannot pay for your songs to be written for you then do not plagiarise.

“If you are sued and the song did not make money; you are in deep trouble and with no money, what percentage

will they work with for you to pay the owner of the song,’’ he said.

The musician said to be on the safe side, musicians should endeavour to do their own thing and do research to enable them get it right and stop plagiarism.

“You hardly hear about these types of things from abroad because they know the business and what should not be done, they know the gravity of plagiarism and nobody would want that.

“Everyone must not be in the music industry, youths should try to know what talents are and pursue that vigorously,’’ he said.

Edited by Ifeyinwa Omowole