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Music sensation Tenientertainer says 7 years in University inspired ‘Uyo Meyo’



Music sensation Tenientertainer says 7 years in University inspired ‘Uyo Meyo’


inspired her hit single, ‘Uyo Meyo’.

“It just came from me being grateful to God for everything thus far. For me, even being able to complete the programme, it took me 7 years to graduate from the university,” she said in a recent interview with Notjustok Television.

“I was just in my car driving to graduation and on my way to graduation, I was listening to a song I had and I called the producer and said send me the beat because the beat was so spiritual and I just started freestyling in my car and that’s just how ‘Uyo Meyo’ came out.

Uyo Meyo’ is a good song that was created from the bottom of her heart,” She stressed.

The 26-year-old BET awards nominee says her hit single, ‘Uyo Meyo’ is good music. In her words, “Uyo Meyo is good music. I have had governors call me because of ‘Uyo Meyo’ and I sat across Dangote because of ‘Case’.

Isn’t that good music? Actually, I saw Dangote twice in a row, why? Isn’t that good music? ‘Uyo Meyo’ was a song that was just from the bottom of my heart.

Teni who spoke further on her inspiration and her dream to win a Grammy is so confident of her talent and abilities that she says she will not only win Grammys but also perform and sell out stadiums globally.

“I believe I will win the Grammys, I know I will win the Grammys, I will win the Grammys and I will sell out stadiums around the world. I just know, it’s just in my soul,” she said.

In the early part of the interview, Teni reminisced on how she has prophesied greatness to herself and how it came to be.

“I told someone, you better take my picture, you better take my number because I will be a superstar. I was just saying it, do I even know what I was saying? I was just saying my own, but I just spoke it to the universe,” she reminisced.

Teni says she would only do what she feels or wish to do and not what others want her to do.

On her personality, the `Askamaya” singer says she’s known to be a stubborn lady, who does solely what she wishes and not others wish for her.

“People I grew up with, like friends, have always known me to be a stubborn person,” she began. “I do what I want to do because I just realise from a very young age that look here, how long am I going to be on this earth?

I need to enjoy my life, as long as I am not harming anybody, I need to do what is best for Teni.

I would rather fail at what I want to do than fail doing what someone told me to do.

I’m comfortable in what I am wearing, I mean if I was wearing all these tight things, I won’t be comfortable,” she said.

For Teni, people’s worth is in their person and not their estimated worth.

She says, “Everybody has something to offer, I can’t do your job, can’t hold the camera like the cameraman but you have to be with them to realise because in Nigeria, you being special depends on how much money you have. People don’t know their worth is in their skin.”

Teni’s confidence in her talent when she started was so strong that she told her label owner, Dr. Dolor that he would be making a huge mistake if he fails to sign her.

“Here’s what I told my boss before he signed me.I told my boss (Dr. Dolor) that if you don’t sign me, you are going to be making a very bad decision because I’m different.”

Teni, who has gone from being Headies award rookie of the year to a BET nominee in just two years, confessed to loving roadside stuff that includes local Nigerian snacks.

She went further to share what she has learned after one of her hit singles, ‘Case,’ was released in Nigeria.

She said, “I learned something vital when I dropped ‘Case’. If you want to keep making good music, you cannot think about making a hit song, you just have to make good music. You just have to have that juice and mindset that I want to make good music. I don’t know if it’s a hit or not, and if it’s a hit, we thank God. If it’s not a hit we keep trying.”

Continuing, she said, “By the time Askamaya blew, I was in America, they were telling me that my song has blown in Nigeria.

When I returned to Lagos, people were already calling me olomoge askamaya and I was like…It blew up in London like crazy, like a wildfire.”

For her legacy, Teni wants to live a fully well-spent one. “I want to make sure that when I am dead and people gather around me to sing goodbye, and they are singing it is well, I will know that it is well.

Edited by Ekemini Ladejobi


Founder says Nvivo online television platform will project short films



The Co-founder, Nvivo Online Television, Ms Chioma Ude,  has said the main aim of establishing the platform was to create a proper avenue for the projection of short films.

Ude disclosed this during the official launching of the Nvivo Online Television at the Film House Cinema, Landmark Village, Victoria Island, Lagos on Friday.

This was part of the activities of the 9th Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) which started on Nov. 10 and will end Nov. 16.

Ude said she had observed that short movies with beautiful contents were not properly showcased like other movies.

“This platform has been created due to my observation that short movies end up on YouTube or nowhere but they usually have beautiful content.

“So, Nvivo had been established to create home for short movies but would also feature animations, documentaries, games, cartoons, series and more,” she said.

Ude said that Nvivo was the hub for Hollywood, Nollywood, Bollywood and Telenovelas at their finger tips and in snack bite sizes.

She said it had been licenced with some local television series, three Bollywood content providers for content generation.

According to her, the Nvivo television is initially launched in four African countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Namibia.

“With Nvivo, there is a new horizon in terms of distribution and content development in Africa.

“Nvivo television has teamed up with the best movie directors, producers and actors, to provide quality, original and free content out of Nigeria for television and movie lovers who want a one stop-shop where they can watch their favourite shows, skits and movies.

“Nvivo television content is also optimised to save data and it can be viewed on all smart televisions, smart phones, tablets, Android and IOS devices,” she said.

Mr Olu Obadina, a Co-founder, Nvivo, said that Nollywood had been rendered non-sustainable in terms of revenue generation and contribution to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) due to lack of basic infrastructure.

He said that establishment of the online television channel would minimise the effect of the absence of basic infrastructure as people get entertained at their comfort zones.

“We have problems with our roads, irregular power supply and a whole lot of other things which are discouraging factors to visit cinemas or watch movies at the appropriate time.

“This platform will enable you watch movies wherever you are,” he said

Obadina said with the way Nvivo was designed, other online television streaming platforms could develop their content through Nvivo as it would also showcase original African programmes.

Obadina said that Nvivo had partnered with Unity Technology, an animation company abroad, to train 3,200 Nigerians on animation creation who would in turn create content for the Nvivo platform.

He said there were a couple of other collaborations to guarantee seamless streaming and content distribution which were with MTN, SISCO system, digital marketing institutes and more.

Mr Victor Anjorin, Chief Executive Officer, Nvivo, who explained how the platform works for the audience, said the subscription was free for all viewers.

He said for seamless content delivery, Nvivo had adopted the GDPR and NDPR which is safer and secured.

The Nigeria News Agency reports that the Africa International Film Festival had movies from over 20 countries showcased in the course of the programme which ended on Saturday.

(Edited by Chidinma Agu/Peter Ejiofor)

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Nollywood: Film Corporation takes ‘Mobile Training Platform’ to budding talents  in rural communities



Dr Chidia Maduekwe, Managing Director, Nigerian Film Corporation (NFC) has said that the corporation is set  to take its Mobile Training Platform’ programme  to rural  communities to discover and develop budding talents in filmmaking across Nigeria.

He stated this on Friday during an interview with Nigeria News Agency on the sideline of a training workshop for youths and upcoming creative artistes on film, video production and photography in Abuja.

The training, tagged, “Special Cinematography Training for Youths and Emerging Talents” is holding from Nov. 14 to 16, with 130 youths drawn from different parts of the country as participants.

According Maduekwe, the Mobile Training Platform is a flagship initiative designed to complement the capacity building programme of the NFC for emerging talents in the motion picture industry across the six geo-political zones.

He explained that as the Nigerian movie industry expands, there was need to equip upcoming industry players with essential professional know-how and the basic entrepreneurial skills to grow as filmmakers, to create jobs.

“The Mobile Training Platform is an initiative (MTP) by the Nigerian Film Corporation (NFC) to domesticate training all over the 774 Local Government Areas of Nigeria.

“With this, we will want to take capacity building on the requisite knowledge for film production to grassroots because it is not everyone that can come to Jos or Lagos, where we have our training centres.

“Nigeria has budding talents in all the local governments and they are waiting to be discovered, so this Mobile Training Platform is going to be a vehicle that will be going to remote areas of the country.

“It is like a mobile clinic where the doctors go looking for the sick, and not the other way round.

“We are looking for the talents on the streets and communities where they are domiciled by giving them the required exposure.

“Young talents will be discovered, given opportunity to acquire skills, practice what they have learnt in order to have a sense of fulfillment as stakeholders in motion picture production,” he said.

Maduekwe explained that the mobile training initiative, which will be rolled out in the first quarter of 2020, will have upcoming artistes and passionate youths trained in the art of film making.

He added that selected participants will also be given necessary support to produce films that tell stories of their communities to the rest of the world.

He, however, appealed for adequate and timely release of funds to implement the project as planned by the corporation.

“There will be screening sessions and you can imagine the excitement of villagers gathering in an evening to watch films produced by their sons and daughters.

“Nigeria is the next frontier for storytelling, as we have so many stories, because when we talk about strength in diversity, it manifests in our storytelling.”

“Our decision to sustain the training of upcoming filmmakers is to ensure that Nigeria, considered as the world’s largest content film producer, does not suffer from skills gap crisis,” he said.

NAN reports that seasoned industry players, as well as scholars from the academia were present as resource persons and facilitators at the three-day workshop for the upcoming filmmakers.

Edited by Jane-Frances Oraka/Ifeyinwa Omowole

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NGO seeks support for beautiful deaf girls, other physically challenged



NGO seeks support for beautiful deaf girls, other physically challenged

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Most Beautiful Deaf Girl in Nigeria (MBDGN) Group, Dr Tolulope Oko-Igarie, has urged Nigerians to support the physical challenged to achieve their dreams and contribute to national development.

Oko-Igarie made the appeal when she visited a Board Member of Deaf Women in Nigeria, Hajia Bola Muse, in her office in Lagos.

The CEO was in company with the winner of the MBDGN pageant, Miss Maria Okese of Rivers, and the first and second runners-up.

According to Oko-Igarie, the Most Beautiful Deaf Girl in Nigeria pageant had been on the pipeline since 2010.

“I started this programme out of compassion because I was a guest speaker at a deaf government school programme in Port-Harcourt. I then began to ask myself questions.

“I learnt about a lot of issues facing the physical challenged such as rape and drug abuse which can make one to think that the deaf world is a different world entirely.

“I wrote to the international and Africa deaf beauty pageants; I got franchise, but we were not able to go, because we did not get sponsorship,” Oko-Igarie said.

She expressed satisfaction that the maiden edition of the contest successfully held on Nov. 1, in Lagos.

In her response, Muse, also the CEO of BOMARAH Foundation, pledged her continued support for the physical challenged to enable them to do their best.

Muse hailed the efforts of the MBDGN Group for giving physical challenged persons a platform to express themselves.

She promised to do her possible best to empower the Most Beautiful Deaf Girl in Nigeria, Maria Okese, a professional photographer, to enable her to achieve her goals.

The CEO of Africa Blookchan Alliance, Mrs Ngozichukwuka Uri, appealed to Nigerians to give a sense of belonging to the less privileged.

She pledged continued support for them.

The Nigeria News Agency reports that Miss Bose Odedina emerged the first runner-up and Miss Chinazo Columba emerged the second runner-up in the MBDGN contest held in Lekki, Lagos State.

NAN reports that the MBDGN Group organised the contest in conjunction with Empathy Driven International Initiative, an NGO that focuses on protecting and defending the physically challenged in Nigeria.

Edited by Cecilia Odey/Ijeoma Popoola

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QRTV makes case for rape victims with new movie



The Chief Executive Officer, QRTV, Queen Rasheed, on Friday advocated for better treatment of rape victims in Nigeria.

The CEO during the premiere of the movie titled “Don’t Beg Now” in Victoria Island, Lagos,  said more attention should be paid to rape victims who were still going through trauma.

The Nigeria News Agency reports that “Don’t Beg Now” is an 80-minute movie, which portrays Kuchi Kris as a rape victim, who sought vengeance all her life.

“I grew up in Nigeria and I know a lot of Nigerian women, who have gone through sexual harassment.

“We do not have the exact statistics of rape cases in Nigeria because our hospitals do not have updated records.

“Before the making of the movie “Don’t Beg Now”, I spoke with victims who had gone through similar cases outside the country but I observed that the stigma story is common with Nigeria.

“People will discriminate against the victim thereby punishing her not the criminal.

“This movie is not just advocating for rape survivals to speak out but to encourage them not to let the stigma shut them up,” she said.

Queen Rasheed commended Kuchi Kris, who played Aisha Dabiri in the movie as the protagonist, as well other casts.

According to her, what is important to a rape victim is her general well-being and all that makes her heal from the trauma.

The Movie Director, Mr Olawore Jay, popularly known as Rola, added that a channel needs to be created for rape victims to speak out and feel protected.

“With `Don’t Beg Now’, our focus is on the trauma and all that happens to a rape victim after this evil act.

“We realised that a lot of people just talk about it without understanding the change that can occur in a girl or woman after being violated.

“What we are doing is highlighting the trauma with this movie, so that the attacker can think twice before carrying out the act,” he said.

Rola added that the movie, which was produced in one month focuses on showcasing the trauma associated with rape, using upcoming artistes.

He said the movie was produced as a contribution to Nollywood.

Edited by Dorcas Jonah/Ifeyinwa Omowole

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Nollywood: Filmmaker urges screenwriters to reshape African reality through stories



Award-winning filmmaker, Adekunle ‘Nodash’ Adejuiyigbe has urged Nollywood screenwriters to engineer better realities for Africa through their stories.

Nigeria News Agency reports that Adejuiyigbe said this on his Instagram page @i_am_nodash in an open letter to screenwriters where he detailed lessons from the 2019 Carthage International Film Festival.

His award-winning film ‘The Delivery Boy’, an interesting love story that explores the back story of terrorists, represented Nigeria at the festival.

Adejuiyigbe wrote, “Dear fellow writers, you see those keypads, the ones on your computers and phones? They are actually not keypads, they are triggers on the strongest nuclear weapon of all, The weapon called “story”.

“With those keys we can liberate the continent, with them, we can also Hiroshima the hell out of ourselves. It’s a choice. Africa might have been invaded by guns but it was conquered by stories.

“Those stories became narratives and those narratives became filters through which we see ourselves and this distorted worldview is what we call reality.

“So if ‘reality’ is simply the handiwork of other writers, then our jobs as African writers is not to describe that reality, nope, our job is to engineer a better reality into existence.”

Adejuiyigbe noted that the writers might face challenges while trying to write better stories about Nigeria and Africa, however, he encouraged them to rise to the challenge.

He added that the process of inspirational writing was the difference between a writer and a journalist.

According to him, it is a journalist’s job to assess and report Africa but it is a writer’s job to build it.

“Where are the resources to build with? Where do we draw inspiration from? I mean, we were punished for speaking our native languages in primary school weren’t we?

“How do we expect writers who were raised to think lowly of Africa to write stories that empower Africans?

“But this is the beauty of being an African writer in a time like this. For every page you write you have to go a mile within your own self.

“For every conflict your characters face, you face 20 within your own soul. So the African writer is essentially a character in a story that won’t end in his/her lifetime.

“It is a big responsibility because the story is the foundation of all creative projects. If the story has no magic, the best directors, actors and cameras cannot save it,” he said.

NAN reports that Adejuiyigbe’s acclaimed film, ‘The Delivery Boy’ snagged Best Performance in Visual Effects award at the 2019 Africa Movie Academy awards.

Edited by Dorcas Jonah/Sadiya Hamza

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Fans hail Teni, Frank Edoho for new ‘Billionaire’ video



Fans have continued to praise singer Teni Akpata and veteran television host, Frank Edoho for the newly released video for ‘Billionaire’.

Nigeria News Agency reports that the video, which was released on Thursday, quickly garnered positive response as fans described the concept as nostalgic.

Starring cameos from comedian, Broda Shaggi, ‘Billionaire’ video is a parody of defunct hit television show, ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’.

Appearing as ‘Who Wants to Be a Billionaire’ in the video, Edoho returned to host, reining in his legendary hosting skills and the suspense he earned the limelight with.

In the video, Teni sits as a contestant, playing to win one billion while her song plays in the background.

Set in the 90s, the TG Omori-directed flick also featured actress, Tina Mba and a host of extras who played Teni’s support club and cheering as she won.

Since the video’s premiere, fans have taken to social media to commend the return of Edoho to host as parody of his hit show as well as Broda Shaggi’s hilarious take on the winning question.

@Ugbedeojo wrote, “Teni’s ‘Billionaire’ video is so nice. I love the part where Frank Edoho hosted ‘Who Wants to Be a Billionaire.”

@HeroNation tweeted, “The video is my video of the year. Thank you for this song. Great video concept and thanks for bringing back the good old days memories of Frank Edoho.”

@Omotola said, “Mad concept. Broda Shaggi was crazy as usual and thanks for bringing back the boss, Frank Edoho. The best always remains the best.”

@Zinnivibes wrote, “The concept is mad. Using one of our best all time television shows as the setting required a lot of creativity. Nice one.”

Edited by Joseph Edeh/Ese E. Ekama

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