Netanyahu Cancels Participation in UNGA in Wake of Snap Parliamentary Election Results


(Sputnik/) The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday, cancelled his trip to participate in the upcoming UN General Assembly session in the U.S., due to the results of the general election.

A spokesman of the PM’s office stated, and the statement did not further elaborate on the Israeli PM’s reasons for the decision.

According to Israeli media reports, after counting 90 per cent of the votes both Netanyahu’s Likud party and its key opponent, the opposition Blue and White coalition, are going head-to-head in the general elections.

However, it means falling short of securing a majority in the Israeli parliament.

This means that both parties will have to negotiate an alliance with minor parties to build a government, something that Likud failed to do after the April 2019 elections, thus triggering re-election.

The 74th session of the UN General Assembly kicked off on Sept. 17 in New York, with statements by the heads of states to be delivered between Sept. 24 and  Sept. 30 .

The preliminary results of the Israeli general elections indicate that opposition Blue and White coalition and the Likud party of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are going to be tied in the number of seats.

This means that either of the two can build a new coalition government.



(Edited by Hadiza Mohammed/Emmanuel Yashim)