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Opeifa Cup: Newly discovered players for summer coaching – Official



the Lagos State Handball Association (LSHA) says it will organise summer coaching programme for talents discovered at the just-concluded 5th Lagos State Secondary Schools Handball Championships, tagged “Opeifa Cup”.

Ojikutu said the coaching crew would be on ground to be part of the exercise scheduled for the summer holiday at the Rowe Park Sports Centre, Yaba, Lagos.

He said the coaching programme was scheduled for the long vacation to avoid clashing with the academic programmes of the participants.

“The Opeifa Cup is an annual tournament that brings secondary school teams together for competition purposes, which sets an enabling environment for us to identify promising players in their categories.

“We just had the 5th edition and as usual, there were boys and girls as well as junior and senior categories, where the match officials discovered over 60 players with exceptional skills.

“It is fundamental and part of our programme to ensure that these potential are adequately mentored by our seasoned coaches during the long vacation, hence the proposed summer coaching.

“Very soon, schools’ academic calendar will be rounded off, and thereafter, the training will commence in top gear, with full concentration on the newly discovered,’’ she said.

She said the follow-up programme was necessary as some of the schools where the players were coming from did not have the needed facilities to make their foundation splendid.

NAN reports that the Kayode Opeifa sponsored the annual handball tournament involved 76 schools in Rowe Park Sports Centre, from June 17 to June 21.

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2 LASTMA officers, policeman lost lives in Apapa sanity restoration – Opeifa



Two traffic officers and a policeman lost their lives in Apapa, Lagos since the Federal Government commenced an initiative to restore smooth traffic in the area.

Mr Kayode Opeifa, Executive Vice-Chairman of the Presidential Taskforce on Apapa Restoration of Law and Order in Apapa, made the disclosure on Tuesday in Lagos.

Opeifa was speaking when he paid a courtesy visit to the Lagos Office of the Nigeria News Agency .

He said that several people, including himself had at one time or the other sustained various degrees of injuries in the course of trying to bring sanity to Apapa, which had been on traffic lockdown over the years.

“It is not good to announce it but we have recorded fatalities. I am afraid saying it because it will always be on the headlines.

“I am also a victim of an accident in the course of discharging my duties and I was lucky to escape with a damaged vehicle.

“The first day we started the restoration of law and order, we lost a LASTMA officer by accident. A truck was reversing and the LASTMA lady was behind.

“Recently, we lost another LASTMA officer who was stoned to death. We also lost a police officer, who was crushed. We have several people that were hit, including myself.

“My vehicle was hit but thank God nobody died. The vehicle was almost a write-off.

“This type of development happens continuously. There were very terrible ones where people were losing limbs and losing their hands,” Opeifa said.

On the number of people arrested in the course of the restoration, Opeifa said he had lost count, disclosing, however, that over 120 traffic violators were arrested on the first day of the operation.

He said the main focus of the team was not to pick trucks as there was nowhere to put them after arrests were made.

On the team’s plans for 2020, Opeifa said: “we are not supposed to be here by 2020.

“The Lagos State Government is supposed to take over traffic management.”

The one-time Lagos State Commissioner for Transportation frowned at attacks on traffic management operatives, especially LASTMA officers.

On the achievement of the taskforce, he noted that stakeholders had done the rating and concluded that the situation had never been that good in the axis.

“Our job is to remove stationary trucks and we have removed them. I challenge any trucker, who claims he spends days on the road to come out and speak up.

“Our job is to get trailers off the roads and make the roads open. Occasionally, there are incidences which the Lagos State Government bears.”

According to him, the ports are handling more cargo than their capacity.

He said there must be an upgrade of port facilities, while the regulators must keenly monitor activities.

Commenting on the endless menace of articulated vehicles on Lagos roads, Opeifa said: they are not road worthy, they break down easily.

“There is a need for more collaboration among stakeholders operating at Apapa Ports to restore law and order in the Apapa area permanently.

Edited by: Chinyere Nwachukwu/Silas Nwoha



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Apapa: Opeifa seeks support of stakeholders to check gridlock, open defecation



Mr Kayode Opeifa, Executive Vice Chairman, Presidential Task Force on Restoration of Law and Order to Apapa, has called for the support of Apapa residents toward cleaner environment and an end to open defecation.

Opeifa, during a visit to Lagos office of the Nigeria News Agency on Tuesday, said the Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) was working round the clock to clean up Apapa.

He said that his team was working on correcting an anomaly in refuse disposal introduced by the Akinwunmi Ambode’s administration which encouraged bringing of refuse to the roads.

Opeifa, who is working with a team of the state government which includes LAWMA, said that daily evacuation of refuse in Apapa had begun in spite of challenges of accessibility.

He said that the modern refuse collection system did not support dumping of refuse on the roads or any roadside collection methods.

“LAWMA is aware of the sanitation condition in Apapa and have moved in and are working and making progress, they complain of accessibility, we just need to improve on the efficiency of their operations,’’ he said.

The committee vice-chairman told NAN that his team was also making progress in cleaning up markets in Lagos.

On open defecation in Apapa and other parts of the state, he called for the support of all residents, business concerns and public institutions to stop the trend.

He said that people could use toilets in public places like petrol stations, eateries, event centres and other public utilities and so they had no justification for open defecation.

He said that a recent study carried out by the state government revealed that new residents, who have not lived in Lagos for up to two years, were usually responsible for the open defecation.

Opeifa said that the survey indicated that such new residents usually stopped the habit after integration into the system.

“People talk about public toilets as if governments somewhere in the world build public toilets. I lived in U.S. for almost 10 years.

“There is nothing called public toilet. If I am going along the road and I am pressed, I will just use the nearest petrol station or super market or eatery, that is where to get the nearest public toilet.

“All government institutions, every commercial outlet should make its space available for people to use,’’ he told NAN.

Opeifa said the state government encouraged petrol stations and event centres to have toilet to assist residents to reduce the problem to the barest minimum.

On the congestion in Apapa, Opeifa appealed for the collaboration of critical stakeholders to decongest the ports.

He added that the disorderly conduct by truck drivers was responsible for chaotic road situation in Apapa.

He said that articulated vehicles in Apapa were important to the economy as such stakeholders must corporate to root out agents of corruption benefiting from disorderliness around the port and the gridlock.

The executive vice chairman explained that his team adopted measures to cope with the increased pressure on the port due to border closure and had succeeded in getting trucks off the roads.

He called for the understanding of Apapa residents whose net worth had increased by living in the area as well as the support of the media in winning the war on restoration of law and order.

Opeifa said that the media should understand and report factually the issues causing congestion at Apapa ports and roads to find lasting solutions to the problems.

He expressed regret over the killing of traffic officials and the backlash from those who benefited from the confusion in Apapa axis and appealed for all hands to be on deck to restore sanity to the area.

Edited by: Emmanuel Okara/Tajudeen Atitebi


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Apapa Restoration: We’ve delivered on our mandate, tankers no longer on Lagos roads – Opeifa



Mr Kayode Opeifa, the Executive Vice Chairman, Presidential Task Team on Apapa Restoration of Law and Order,  says his team has delivered its mandate to bring sanity to Apapa axis of Lagos by ensuring easier access in and out of the area.

Opeifa said this during a visit to the Nigeria News Agency in Lagos on Tuesday while monitoring of the traffic situation in Apapa.

According to him, tankers are no longer on the road paralysing economic activities before the task force was set up.

When asked that tankers were again on the road, Opeifa said: “That is not correct and that is extremely alarming and a wrong impression of the fact.

“The fact of the matter is that tankers are no longer on the road. The trucks are no longer on the road. What you see on the road, the day you don’t see them again, Nigeria is in recession.

” We need to understand what the road is meant for. The road is not meant for Keke Marwa and Okada. Apapa road is meant for all kinds of vehicles and mainly trucks – articulated vehicles.

“The tankers came back visibly when the Ijegun Jetty was shut down by Lagos State Government and the DPR around the middle of October. They were all diverted back to Apapa to load. That was for a national emergency.”

According to him, the current surge is only on one side of Apapa and the surge is early in the morning.

He said that the team had directed tankers not to come out before 10:00 a.m.

The committee vice chairman said the gridlock used to extend up to Maryland before the task was inaugurated, but now the situation had changed.

He said the access road to the ports had also been made easier for tankers and trucks.

He said that many of the tankers on roads were going mainly to Marine Bridge to load to the Northeast and other northern parts of Nigeria.

Opeifa said the problems in Apapa would soon be solved with the movement of petroleum products by the pipeline up to Ilorin, Kwara State, massive road rehabilitation as well as extension of rail line to the port.

He said that most of the areas in Apapa belonged to the Nigerian Port Authority (NPA) in the past, but the privatisation had brought lot of encroachment.

Opeifa described the notion that articulated vehicles should maintain a single lane into the port so as not to disturb other road users as a wrong management principle.

He said that tankers had right the right to be on the road like other road users at the same time because of the economic and social purposes, but they should not obstruct other motorists.

The committee vice chairman said that if the depots were working and there were no breakdowns, there would not be any reason for articulated vehicles to stay on roads.

“From May 22 till date, I can tell you the tankers are off the roads, but when we have Christmas, what do you expect? Roads are congested, activities increase, fuel distribution increases and containers coming to the port increase.

“The port is now congested to the tune of over 125 per cent because we have closed down the borders.

“So, all the ships meant for Nigeria that were going to Benin have been diverted back to our port. Terminals must be more efficient,” he said

Opeifa said that tankers queued because they could not get to their depots, while trucks queued behind tankers because they could not get to their terminals.

According to him, trucks are coming to port en mass and nobody is controlling the way they come in.

He said there was the need for appropriate regulators before the ports were concession.

On trailer parks, Opeifa said that all depots had tanker parks as well as loading bays, but not all were performing optimally.

He said that his team identified about 48 possible trailer parks to keep up to 3,500 trailers to only come to the port whenever they were called, but the attack on Lilypond was a setback.

“The trucks need to do that in a way that they don’t affect others and we did that for three good months until that attack on Lilypond and the corruption-fight-back started.

“NPA should take care of managing the trucks within Lilypond, Shippers Council should take care of its economic regulation, the trucking companies, customs and everybody should behave and obey the laid down regulations.

“We have demonstrated this  in June July, August, September up to the middle of October that we can have truck-free roads. No tankers spend one day on Lagos roads now, but hours. We have delivered on our mandate.

“How did the trucks come back on the road? The reason is that Lilypond, the epic centre of the call-up system was attacked and it is yet to come back to action.”

Opeifa denied allegations that extortion was fuelling disorderliness and lawlessness by truckers,  but said that unhealthy competition to access the ports encouraged the development.

He said that all corruption would end whenever the Federal Government’s long, medium and short term solutions to Apapa situation were effective.

Opeifa said that in the restoration plan, the Lagos State Government was charged to repair some roads, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to work on pipelines, while the NPA would carry out some reforms like release of Lilypond and electronic call-up system.

He urged the media to join in the restoration of law and order to Apapa

Edited by: Tajudeen Atitebi

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Opeifa urges stakeholders to partner with FG to improve mobility safety



Mr Kayode Opeifa,  Executive Vice Chairman, Presidential Task Team on Apapa Port, has urged stakeholders in the transportation sector to partner with the Federal Government to improve mobility safety in the country.


Opeifa made the call while presenting a keynote address at the 3rd Annual Stakeholders’ Conference on Road Transport and Mass Transit Operations on Thursday in Abuja.

The theme of the conference is “Mobility Safety in Nigeria”.

According to him, most successful safety programme can be achieved by working closely with professional colleagues and stakeholders across the climes.

“So, as we look to the future, let’s continue to encourage greater transportation innovation through technology and more cross-modal cooperation.

“By working together, we will advance safety, mobility, economic growth and a greater quality of life for everyone,” he said.

Opeifa described transportation as movement of people, goods and services from one point to the other, while mobility relates to people’s ability to move.

He said safe arrival was a product of movement thereby making safety the most critical attribute of mobility.

“It is for this reason that safety should remain the first priority of the transport sector at the National and sub-national levels.

He opined that the theme of the conference was a clear recognition that ensuring safe transportation system for everyone should be a major concern and cardinal responsibility of Ministries of Transport and their various MDAs at the Federal and State levels.

Opeifa said the global best approach to safety was to work with stakeholders at the state and local levels and in private sector to prevent accidents and when it does happen, not to be fatal.

According to him, human factor has been a factor in 95 per cent of total automobile crashes leading to increased number of lives lost on the Nigerian roads.

He said to mitigate this, our roads must be designed, built and maintained with safety as key.

“Our drivers must not only be qualified to drive but drive defensively and safely, and all vehicles must meet the same safety standards regardless of whether the driver is private or public.

“The sector should also provide policy guidelines and strategies for rebuilding and refurbishing the country’s infrastructure to grow the economy, increase competitiveness, create job and wealth and improve quality of life.

“To address the various challenges, the sector should support the development of mobility systems that are inclusive and accessible to all; well managed, efficient and effective; safe, reliable and secure and sustainable and eco-friendly.

“The sector should also focus on preparing for the future by engaging with new, emerging technologies and addressing legitimate public concerns about safety, security and privacy without hampering innovation,” Opeifa added.

The transport expert called on the participants to adapt a data driven approach to making safety regulatory decisions.

Also speaking, Prof. Samson Duna, the Director General, Nigerian Building & Road Research Institute (NBRRI), said budgetary allocation to road infrastructure was inadequate, saying that out of N344 billion allocated in 2018 only 60 per cent was released.

He said alternative funding sources should be explored by the Federal Government such as Public Private Partnership (PPP), use of toll gates, among others to provide road infrastructure.

Edited by Felix Ajide

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Opeifa Cup: Coach lauds LSHA for sustaining competition



Akeem Sunmola, Coach of Jibowu Junior Boys High School, Yaba, on Sunday applauded the Lagos State Handball Association (LSHA) for sustaining the annual Opeifa Cup for secondary schools in the state.

Sunmola told the News Agency of Nigeria that he was impressed with the general activities in the event being a Lagos State Secondary Schools Handball Championships held from June 17 to June 21.

He said that fixtures of the championships were observed in totality for that officiating was fair.

He noted that there were adequate provision of medical personnel, security and refreshments for participants and officials.

“This is one of the best organised championships since the beginning of Opeifa Cup in 2015. Kudos to LSHA for a job well done and for making this year’s edition wonderful.

“We are regular participants of Opeifa Cup and I realise that there has been great improvement in the organisation, particularly in this 5th edition, because every area was adequately addressed,” he said.

The coach, popularly known as Shine-Shine, described the championships as good initiative that had gone a long way to promote the practice of the sport in private and public secondary schools.

He said schools that were regular participants at the annual championships had been doing well, while players in the schools’ team were gaining exposure needed to sharpen their skills.

“Opeifa Cup has really given handball a good facelift in Lagos and schools are keying into it to equally develop the sport in their schools just to be part of the championships.

“Even the players are taking advantage of their school teams to improve on their techniques which is generally enhancing growth of handball, unity and social activities of participating schools,” he added.

NAN reports that Eletu Odibo Junior High School, Yaba, lifted the trophy in the junior girls category, Onike Junior Girls’ School, Iwaya, came second and United Christian Junior Secondary School, Apapa, emerged third.

In the junior boys, Eletu Odibo Junior High School, Yaba, came first, Herbert Macaulay Junior Secondary School, Sabo, Yaba, placed second and Jibowu High School, Yaba, came third.

While winners in the senior Boys category are Nawarudeen Senior Secondary School, Ogudu, won the trophy, while Zumratu Islamiyya Secondary School, Fadeyi, and Lagos City College, Yaba, came second and third respectively

The senior Girls have Herbert Macaulay Senior Secondary School, Sabo, Yaba, win the trophy, Ken-Ade Private School, Makoko, came second and Nawarudeen Senior Secondary School, Ogudu, emerged third.

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OPEIFA Cup: Former players plead for championships for school leavers



Participants in the previous annual Lagos State Secondary Schools Handball Championships, tagged “OPEIFA CUP’’ have appealed to Kayode Opeifa to initiate an equivalent competitions for school leavers.

Babatunde Taiwo and Babatunde Kehinde four-time participants and graduates of the annual championships, made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Thursday in Lagos on the ongoing competition.

NAN reports that the OPEIFA CUP is an annual Lagos State Handball Association (LSHA) programme put in place to discover and nurture players from the grassroots.

The championships sponsored by Kayode Opeifa, a patron of LSHA which was initiated in 2015 for boys and girls have held uninterruptedly and now in its 5th edition.

The Babatunde twins who recently completed their secondary school education from Wesley Girls Senior High School, Sabo, Yaba, were members of the school team and regular participants in OPEIFA CUP.

Taiwo, a player told NAN that the call became necessary as players that had graduated from secondary schools were no longer eligible for the tournament.

She said there was need to have a similar championships that would engage players that fell in such category to enable them strengthen their experiences acquired from the competition.

The highest goal scorer and MVP awarded player of the 3rd and 4th editions of OPEIFA CUP, tied her success in handball so far to regular participation in the tournament.

“Handball has become a fast growing sport in Lagos, especially since the OPEIFA CUP started in 2015 and the championships hold every year for public and private secondary schools.

“OPEIFA CUP has helped my twin sister and I to come to limelight and I have won three awards in the tournament but can longer participate because we have graduated from secondary school.

“It was a wonderful experience passing through OPEIFA CUP and I am very grateful to Daddy Opeifa for all his support which has made my carreer meaningful.

“We are aspiring to go higher and appealing to Daddy Opeifa to introduce another championships for those of us that have left secondary schools to sustain our competition spirit,’’ she said.

Also, her sister Kehinde, the best goalkeeper of the 2nd and 3rd editions of the competition, said that her passion for handball was developed because of the opportunity created by LSHA under the OPEIFA CUP.

She said that the consistency of the tournament has gone a long way to encourage and brought out the best in young and up and coming players in Lagos.

“We play handball in our school but it was when we started participating in OPEIFA CUP that I began to improve and I put in my best which made me to win the best goalkeeper award twice.

“This championships are one of the best things that have happened to Lagos State handball because it has helped to discover many players that are now in the state team,’’ she said.

The Wesley Girls Senior High School graduate said her target was to make the national team, adding that she would need to be engaged in constant championships such as OPEIFA CUP.

While commending Opeifa for his philanthropy, the Babatunde twin said that they would miss their participation in OPEIFA CUP and, especially the recognitions and awards of the championships.

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OPEIFA CUP: Morning Rain delays Day 2 matches of handball tourney



Waheed Adeogun, a referee at the ongoing Lagos State Secondary Schools Handball Championships, tagged “OPEIFA CUP”, has said that the Day 2 matches of the competition had been put on hold due to downpour.

Adeogun told the News Agency of Nigeria on Tuesday in Lagos that the matches were programmed for 9 a.m. to accommodate teams in the fixtures of the 76 schools participating in the tournament.

NAN reports that the 5th edition of the Lagos State Handball Association (LSHA) organised championships holding in Rowe Park Sports Centre, Yaba, kicked off June 17 and will end on June 21.

He said that handball courts A and B being used simultaneously for junior and senior categories were soaked and no longer suitable for teams to play their matches.

“The rain is affecting the whole arrangement, going by our schedule and the way things went yesterday, we are meant to start matches at

“Here we have teams that are to have their turns according to the match fixtures this morning that are expected to play in the open courts that we are using for the championships.

“But we just have to stop the matches because the playing ground is already wet and we cannot allow teams to play on wet courts to avoid problems,’’ he said.

Meanwhile Bukola Duru, head coach of LSHA, told NAN that an alternative arrangement would be put in place in the inner courts of the centre to enable teams hold their matches.

Duru said that the original arrangement was to have all the matches played on the open courts of the sports centre, which was more convenient for teams, officials and spectators.

“The day is gradually going, and rather than not having nothing done today, we will use the indoor hall because the teams are ready and we don’t want to discourage them,’’ she said.

NAN reports that the LSHA organised championships is sponsored by Kayode Opeifa, a patron of the association and part of programmes put in place to identify budding talents from the grassroots and nurture them.

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Handball: Association hopes to discover more talents as OPEIFA CUP gets underway



Adeola Opeifa, Chairperson of Lagos State Handball Association (LSHA), on Monday expressed optimism that more talents would be discovered in the `OPEIFA CUP’ which kicked off on Monday at the Rowe Park Sports Centre, Lagos.

Opeifa spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria as the 5th edition of Lagos State Secondary Schools Handball Championships, `OPEIFA CUP’, got underway, with 67 schools drawn from private and public schools taking part.

The participants in the championships are taking part in the junior and senior boys, and  junior and senior girls categories.

Organised by Lagos State Handball Association (LSHA), it is part of programmes put in place to identify budding talents from the grassroots and nurture them.

Opeifa told NAN that talents discovered in the championships over the years had progressed to national teams, and said that the technical crew was on the lookout for more promising players.

“Schools are taking advantage of this annual OPEIFA CUP to expose their teams and we will always live to expectation of getting more talents, which is part of the agenda,’’ she said.

The chairperson said that 10 players presently in the national U-18 and U-21 national teams were products of OPEIFA CUP, noting that their outstanding performance in the competition gave them an edge.

“The OPEIFA CUP has held uninterruptedly since 2015, and the whole idea is to create a regular competition ground for upcoming players to exhibit their skills and develop their talents.

“Now, we have 10 players in the national team that passed through OPEIFA CUP; it was their impressive performance in the past editions that made them to get to that level,’’ she said.

She gave their names as Salami Akeem, Gbenga Cole, Diko Ibrahim, Sola Adelakun (U-21), and Chukwuma Michael, Kuti Korede, Ajibike Kareem, Ojo Gbenga, Seun Adeniyi, Segun Adeleke (U-18). 

Edited by Oluwole Sogunle

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OPEIFA CUP: 76 schools to participate in Lagos, says official




at  Rowe Park Sports Centre, Yaba.

Duru said, ‘ Opeifa Cup’ is a major annual championship open to both the  public and private secondary schools in Lagos state.

“And in our usual manner,  whenever the schedule is concluded, we get schools informed through the education districts.

“With the deadline for registration clearly stated in the letters which only 76 schools complied, registration has closed, so we have confirmed the participation of registered schools for this year’s edition.

“We have drawn the match fixtures strictly accordingly and have dully  informed the schools to get their teams ready  for the competition which starts on Monday.” She said.

The Chairperson of LSHA, Adeola Olaifa,  also said that necessary arrangements had been concluded to make the competition memorable  for the  school teams  so that they will compete favourably among themselves.

Opeifa said there would be no special consideration for schools that were not captured in the fixtures, as there was sufficient time given to register their teams if they wanted to participate.

“We are good to go from Monday, the match fixtures is ready and referees are in update on officiating rules that will make the competition free and fair.

“In as much as we are trying to promote development of handball at  the grassroots, there is need for schools to also collaborate with our effort by doing the needful as directed.

“On that note, no late registration because I believe that the registered schools are the ones that are passionate about the growth of the sport in their schools,” she said.

She urged urged participating school, fans and spectators  to conduct themselves in an orderly manner through out the five-day even, as any form of misconduct would be thoroughly addressed by security guards.

NAN reports that  the ‘Opeifa Cup’  is an annual  developmental programme of LSHA  aimed at discovering  and nurturing  budding talents at  the grassroots.



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