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Pakistan’s south sizzles as another heatwave grips the region



“The port city of Karachi was the worse-hit.

“Hundreds of people were taken to hospitals with the symptoms of heatstroke on the second day of extremely hot weather,’’ local health official Nasir Durrani said on Friday.

Meteorological official Sardar Sarfraz said that the temperature in Karachi was set to hit the 42-degree mark; however it would feel like 50 degrees due to hot winds bellowing from the Arabian Sea.

“The heatwave is set to continue until Saturday, but its intensity is likely to fade starting from Friday,’’ Sarfraz said.

Durrani added that authorities have set up dozens of emergency heatstroke centres across the southern province of Sindh.

According to him, temperatures in some towns are as high as 45 degrees and have advised people not to expose themselves to the sun.

In 2015, over 2,000 people died in Karachi when a heatwave stuck the city during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, when people fast from dawn to dusk.

The 2019 Ramadan has already ended.