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Palestinians call for international support to prisoners in Israeli jails



Palestinians call for international support to prisoners in Israeli jails


prisoners’ day on Wednesday, expressing support to Palestinian prisoners

in Israeli jails.

The Palestinians called for international support to prisoners who face

ill treatment and inhumane incarceration conditions.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry urged  parties to the Geneva Conventions to shoulder their legal responsibility and honour their obligation under the international law to provide the Palestinians,

especially children, with protection.

The ministry also called for necessary measures to hold Israel, as an

occupying power, accountable for its crimes and continued violation against

the Palestinian people.

According to the latest statistics released by the Palestinian Prisoners

Club (PPC), there are currently 5,700 Palestinians in Israeli jails, including

250 children, 47 women, and 500 under administrative detention.

The PPC said in its latest report that Israeli ill treatment of Palestinian

prisoners is “grave and systematic violations of international laws,” adding

that Israel neglects fair trial in accordance with international humanitarian

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law and human rights principles.

It urged the international community to “immediately intervene to fulfil

its legal and ethical obligations towards Palestinians and hold Israel

accountable for its daily crimes.”

It said the total number of Palestinians arrested since 1967 has reached

one million, adding that Israeli “systematic medical negligence” of

prisoners has led to the death of 218 Palestinians in custody since 1967.

The Palestinian National Council, which is considered the Palestine

Liberation Organisation (PLO) parliament, has declared April 17 as

national prisoners’ day since 1974.

The National Prisoners’ Day is a day set aside to unite efforts in support of