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Pension expert wants students to seek careers in pension admin, management



Pension expert urges students to seek careers in pension administration, management


Abuja, May 23,2019 Dr Musa Ibrahim, an expert in pension and actuarial science, has advised graduating secondary school students to seize the opportunities that abound in the pension industry and build careers in the sector.

Ibrahim, who gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja, said the pension industry had huge array of opportunities for career development.

“For students, it is a journey that they have to do, of building a career.

“So, by the time you come out of secondary school, you look around, you decide to say this is my passion, this is the career that I want to do.

“So for an industry that is contributing such a significant percentage of the GDP of the country, it means it is something that is going to attract a lot of people.

“For an industry that is already having a pension fund and assets that are equivalent to Federal Government budget and still going and counting, that means that it’s an industry that is going to definitely require a lot of manpower not only in sustaining but prospering that industry.

“This bourgeoning industry needs a lot of that support so that it is no more by chance that you are in the industry.

“It is going to be by deliberate choice for you to say I am going to work in there.

“So our appeal more is to the students, who are coming out of secondary school.

“Because, this industry matches more than anything else, it has huge assets which can be literally and metaphorically transform the Nigerian society and environment.’’

The pension expert also expressed concern over the declining situation in guidance and counselling choice of career by students, noting that a lot more needed to be done in that regard.

“But, we also intend to go to some schools and other forum to give some talks, so that people can size this industry and appreciate the industry.

Ibrahim, who is the founder of the Abuja School of Pension and Retirement Planning, said there was need for academic training in a practical oriented school.

He noted that pension asset remained a catalyst for the country’s economic development.

Ibrahim said the ultimate goal of the pension institution was to ensure prospective students who may seek careers in the pension industry in Nigeria pass through the school.

“Our ultimate goal is to make the school a centre of excellence, such that when you come out with our certificate, it is like a guarantee for employment.

“So, it is very important for parents to bring to the attention of their wards that the school has a promising future and that they can build careers in the industry.’’

According to him, the school is significantly designed to provide knowledge on pension administration and management services to public and private employers.

He said the school aimed at providing opportunities to individual employees desirous of having a deliberate plan of retirement life.

He said the institution was also established to train and certify practitioners in the industry, and other industries who may want to enhance their skills of pension administration and management.

Ibrahim urged employers in the private and public organisations to prepare workable and rewarding retirement programmes for their employees, this, he said would spur productivity of workers.

“If you have a happy worker, you will have a lot of productivity, and it is important that individual employers do deliberate plan for retirement and be sure of where their workers are going to end.

“If I know where I am going to end, I can visualise it and if it is comfortable, I am likely going to contribute more to my orgnisation.’’

Edited by Lydia Beshel