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Poll: Biden lacks enthusiasm among voters



Democratic front-runner Joe Biden on Sunday holds a narrowing lead over U.S. President Donald Trump in a new poll.

Meanwhile, the survey data also showed the contender lacks enthusiasm among supporters, in what could be a crucial weakness in his campaign.

The latest poll from ABC and the Washington Post showed Biden ahead of Trump just 49 to 47 per cent, a statistical dead heat, among registered voters.

Trump has significantly narrowed the gap compared to February, when the former Vice President was ahead of the incumbent 52-45.

The survey showed Trump enjoyed greater enthusiasm among his supporters, compared with Biden’s level.

However, among Democratic partisans, only 24 per cent said they were very enthusiastic about Biden. Being the lowest on record for a Democrat in the poll.

On the economy, 57 per cent of people surveyed said they approved of Trump’s leadership, a new high in this particular poll, and the president has a lead over Biden when it comes to the public’s faith in who can better run the economy.

The two are about even when it comes to trust in handling the coronavirus outbreak, even as Biden jumps ahead when it comes to overall management of healthcare.

The survey, which was carried recently, showed Biden remain ahead of his rival, Bernie Sanders, for the Democratic nomination, even as the primary race had been disrupted by the coronavirus outbreak.

It is unclear if enthusiasm is crucial to turnout, but in the past candidates who lacked strong levels of passion among their core base tended to lose.

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