Prices of foodstuff drop in Eke Awka market, Anambra



Consumers of  food items, especially farm produce have continued to enjoy low prices because of the heavy rainfall that resulted in bountiful  harvest.

Nigeria News Agency correspondent who visited the popular Eke Awka market on Thursday in Anambra, observed that the prices of different farm produce were low.

The market, situated in the capital Anambra in Awka South Local Government Area, has food items at low prices making  many consumers prefer the market for their purchases.

For instance, a cup of beans that was sold for between N60 and N70, now goes for N40, while a small bucket of the produce can now be purchased at N800 as against its former price of N1000 a few months ago.

A small bucket of garri can now be purchased at N250 as against N350 in the same period.

NAN also observed that vegetables of all sorts have now flooded the market at reduced prices as sizeable basket of Okro now sells for N200.

A seller of foodstuff in the market, Mrs Oby Ogbonna said  harvest season of 2019 had been bountiful due to good rains that made the soil to be fertile.

She said she had recorded more sales due to the reduced  prices of food items.

“I am happy because my goods finish on time with good profits without much preaching to customers to buy.”

Ogbonna said that she was hopeful there would be more reduction in prices of farm produce as greater percentage of residents engaged in farming during the last planting season.

Mrs Grace Nwakwor, who sells yam, said a medium size tuber of new yam goes for between N300 and N400.

“People have choice to buy the old yam if they do not want and the new one, the old one is costlier because it almost not available now.

“It sells for between N600 and N900 depending on the size,” she said.

According to her, the new yams sell faster due to its freshness and affordability and people who are waiting for the community to eat the new yam before buying it are still buying the old ones.

Mr Christian Beluchukwu , who does farming in addition to  his block industry business said that he came to sell his farm produce because it was too many for his consumption.

“I farmed near my block industry on yearly basis, this year the harvest was so amazing, the maize, ugwu and waterleaf  vegetables were so much.

“And I decided to sell them at giveaway prices so I can go back to my business,” he said.

NAN reports that items like pear, onions, groundnut among others are many in the market with people rushing to buy them because of affordability.


Edited by Grace Yussuf

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