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Sallah Celebration: Prices of livestock remain stable in Jigawa



has revealed.

A NAN correspondent who went round the markets on Tuesday, observed that prices of rams, cows and chickens had not increased as used to be the case in the past.

A cross section of sellers in the markets attributed the stability in prices to limited cash flow among people.

Malam Ibrahim Umaru, who brought his rams to the market for sale, said that nobody even cared to price his products.

“I have spent about two hours now in this market but I am surprised nobody has come to even price them”, Umaru fumed.

Another respondent, Malam Musa Ado, said that a ram that used to cost between N35,000 to N50,000, which price was expected to rise, had remained same.

” Even to have people price the rams is proving difficult, not to talk of buying.

” Its like the price may likely crash because the period for rushing to purchase livestocks for Sallah is gradually passing,” Ado said.

Other livestock sellers narrated thesame experience, saying that the fate that had befallen price of food items this year (stable price), is also manifesting on livestocks.

Edited by Kamal Tayo Oropo