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Scientist harps on “Data Science and Application” training for youths




A data scientist, Miss Shingai Manjengwa, has urged Federal Government to entrench Data Science and Application
in secondary school teaching curriculum to guide against unemployment in the next decade.

She made the call in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria on Thursday in Lagos, stressing that Data Science and Application should
be made core course in the country’s citadel of higher learning.

She said that the move would protect the country’s youth from being dormant and irrelevant as a result of changes in future global landscape.

Manjengwa, who is the Chief Executive Officer, Fireside Analytic Incorporated, headquarted in Washington, said that based on the current
changes in the landscape as a result of automation, manual works would be performed by robots in the next decade.

She, therefore, stressed the need for government, as well as private technology organisations to prepare Nigerian youths for the future, saying
“50 per cent of jobs were at risk of automation.

“This may lead to massive unemployment, as most manual jobs would be handled by robots.

“For instance, the trucks driven manually would be driven by robots in the next decade.

“To tackle the scenario and the unemployment that would follow, governments around the globe must use Data Science and
Application to fortify youths, empower them to develop more “Applications” that would be useful in the next decade.”

Meanwhile, more than 300,000 learners all over the world have keyed into Fireside Science Analytics courses online to straighten  their