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Some Afghan visa requests need to start in India, Pakistan – Germany



Some Afghan visa requests need to start in India, Pakistan – Germany


Berlin, Feb. 20, 2019 (dpa/NNN) Germany is prepared to consider issuing visas to Afghans, who wish to join family members already in Germany, Foreign Ministry answered to a lawmaker’s query.

The German Foreign Ministry, however, noted that those who want such a visa must leave Afghanistan first.

Germany’s Kabul consulate has been shut down since an attack in May 2017.

That means anyone, who wishes to apply for such a visa, needs to make their way to either the consulate in New Delhi, India, or to Islamabad, Pakistan.

The ministry has added a total of eight new workers in the two cities to help with any additional workload.

Since August, German law has allowed certain refugees to have family members to come and join them.

A total of 1,000 such visas can be granted per month.

The ministry noted that the applications had to be made in person so that consulate staff can confirm a person’s identity.

Lawmaker Luise Amtsberg of the Green Party, who posed the question, called this unacceptable.

“This means those affected have to undertake a long, expensive and sometimes dangerous journey, often more than once,’’ she told dpa. (dpa/NNN)


Edited by Abiodun Oluleye/Abdulfatah Babatunde