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South-East, South-South Preseason Tourney: Anambra FA resolves differences with organisers



The Anambra State Football Association (FA) has given its blessing to the South-East and South-South pre-season tournament scheduled for the NEROS Sports Stadium Nanka.

The tournament was initially to hold between Aug. 20 to Aug. 27 but was put on hold by the Anambra FA following what it called communication and administrative lapses on the side of the organisers.

But rising from a joint meeting of the FA Board led by its Vice-Chairman, Jude Obikwelu, and the organisers, on Friday the FA said they are willing to work for the success of the pre-season competition.

The football body said its initial decision was in line with best practices as it was grossly unethical for a competition of such magnitude to hold without formally notifying the FA.

According to Obikwelu, the FA is willing to support any initiative that would lead to the growth and development of football in the state provided it was done according to the rules of the game.

“We resolve to support the pre-season tournament and of assure every technical support that would ensure that the standards were maintained,” he said.

The FA frowned at the wrong public perception of its action, noting that it was in the interest of football.

It further directed the organisers to formally write and notify the FA of the tournament and also the area they require assistance.

In his presentation, Akonam Obiefuna, who led the organisers, apologised to the FA for the initial lack of communication, adding that it was not intentional.

Obiefuna said the tournament was still intact and urged the participating clubs and partners to look forward to a successful pre-season competition on the same venue.

The Nigeria News Agency reports that the tournament will now hold between Sept. 1 and Sept. 7.

(Editing by Peter Ejiofor)