Trial of former SS guard begins in German youth court in October



A 92-year-old former SS guard is to face trial in a German youth court in October for being an accessory to 5,230 murders committed in a concentration camp as World War II drew to a close, a Hamburg court spokesman said on Thursday.

The unnamed man, who lives in the northern city, is alleged to have been deployed to Nazi Germany’s Stutthof concentration camp near Gdansk in modern-day Poland between August 1944 and April 1945.

The spokesman said the period was the month before World War II ended.

He said the man was alleged to have supported the treacherous and cruel killing of Jewish inmates in particular.

He would have been 17 and later 18 at the time.

The German authority, responsible for probing Nazi crimes, estimates that 65,000 people died in Stutthof and its subsidiary camps, as well as on the death marches that occurred as the Red Army advanced from the east.

Trial days are to be restricted to two hours on account of the accused’s health.

The court has set aside 12 days up to Dec.17.

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