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U.S. military to restrict transgender troops starting in April



U.S. military to restrict transgender troops starting in April


The new rules will go into effect on April 12, and while they do not fully conform with President Donald Trump’s attempt to totally ban transgender people from serving in the military, the new policy takes a large step in that direction.

People currently undergoing treatment for gender dysphoria may continue to serve.

However, from April, those in the process of transitioning will not be allowed to join the military.

“The Trump administration is once again cruelly and unfairly targeting transgender people who have been serving this country for years,’’ said GLAAD, a legal advocacy group.

Adam Smith, the chairman of the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee, came out against the new rules and called for the Department of Defence to refrain from implementing them.

“Anyone who is qualified and willing should be allowed to serve their country openly.

“Make no mistake, this is a discriminatory ban on transgender people, not a ban on a medical condition and we will continue to fight against this bigoted policy,’’ said Smith.