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Verraki offers technology-driven business solutions for Africa 






Verraki offers technology-driven business solutions for Africa


Lagos, April 23, 2019 A new business and technology solutions firm, Verraki Partners, says it will implement technology to ensure the development and transformation of Africa.

Niyi Yusuf, Managing Partner, Verraki, said this during an interactive session to unveil the firm’s new corporate identity on Tuesday in Lagos.

Yusuf said that the firm would partner with enterprises and governments to accelerate the development and transformation of Africa.

He said that the new entity was focused on implementing technology and business solutions designed inherently for Africa and specifically fit for purpose.

According to him, Verraki is poised to help business ventures to unlock new sources of growth across the continent.

He said that the firm was led by foremost corporate professionals as well as former Accenture leadership in Nigeria.

The managing partner said that Verraki would apply its global expertise and local insights to provide business solutions uniquely tailored for Africa.

He said that with this launch, Verraki was asserting its capability to provide tailored business solutions across Technology, Advisory and Ventures, cutting across the social sector, services and real sector.

Yusuf also said that the firm would focus on working with its clients to provide solutions to Africa’s seemingly intractable challenges.

According to him, Verraki will be working with enterprises and governments to ignite opportunities, unleash their potential, pivot and turnaround their performance to create a better future.

”Professional services firms in Africa are currently at an inflexion point.

”Digital technologies, revolutionary ideas and new business models are creating disruptions and new factors such as agility, flexibility, risk tolerance, cost-leadership, value for money and entrepreneurship are key requirements for success.

”Verraki’s birth at an auspicious time like this is driven by our understanding of clients’ needs and our desire to harvest the opportunities the disruption brings and participate fully, via rebalance and reconfiguration to address the specific needs of the market,” he said.

The Managing Partner said that the African Union launched the Africa Continental Free Trade Area in 2019 to create a single continental market for goods and services, with free movement of business, persons and investments.

He said that the firm was excited about the Free Trade Area’s prospects on the continent and looked forward to contributing to Africa’s transformation via fit-for-purpose solutions.

Following the reorganisation of Accenture operations in Nigeria, Verraki is now a registered business intermediary for Accenture in Nigeria.

Services to Accenture clients in Nigeria will now be delivered through Verraki Partners and Accenture will continue to support and provide services to Verraki, including delivery support and access to specialised skills on projects as applicable.

Verraki will also develop technical support agreement for specialised support provisioning with other global companies in USA, Europe, China, India among others as required.