Woods’ comeback great lesson, says No. 1 golfer




Lagos, April 16, 2019 Andrew Odoh, the number one Nigerian golfer, says Tiger Woods’s comeback teaches that the power to succeed lies within.

Odoh made the assertion  in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos on Tuesday in reaction to Tiger Woods’ superlative comeback after 11 years of trophy drought.

He said that Woods’s experience should be a remarkable lesson for the young and old.

NNN reports  that Woods, one of the greatest golfers, went down following failed marriage and  nosedived career.

However, he just won his fifth masters in his career, and the first time in 14 years.  Tiger won the major championship – the 15th of his stellar.

Odoh said: “Tiger’s victory in the just-concluded masters is a remarkable achievement.

“If not for anything, for a guy, who hasn’t won a major tournament over 11 years to come back after going through such a rough path in life, it is great.

“He went through a family breakup. A lot sponsors shunned him because of the scandals, his injuries; his victory will continue to teach everyone around the world something valuable – not just those in the golfing world.

“It tells one thing – if you focus and stay dedicated to what you do, you can always achieve greater things. That is what Tiger has done, and that is what people must pick out of this win.

“ I personally think the victory for him will not end here from the way I see him swing, and  I believe we are on the way to see him break Jack Nicklaus 18 title records. Tiger is back,’’ he said.

NNN reports that the U.S. PGA Championship will tee-off from May 16 to May 19.

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