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World Parents Day: Parents Forum hails LASG’s investment in education



Parents Forum in Education District I, Lagos State, on Thursday, commended the state government for its massive investment in the provision of quality education for children in the state.

The forum gave the commendation at the 2019 World Parents Day programme organised by the district, which comprises public schools in Agege, Alimosho and Ifako-Ijaiye Local Government Areas, at Agege Stadium.

Speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria   at the event, Prince Adeyemi Ogunsanlu, Chairman Parents Forum, Education District I, who expressed happiness over the maiden celebration of the day in the district, lauded the state government for raising the standard of education.

Ogunsanlu, who doubles as Chairman, Parents Forum, Agege LGA, said: “Government has tried to say the truth, but we want parents forums to be more involved in policies and decision making.

“We want the government to put in more efforts for our children. We are happy about this day.”

Mr Josiah Ogundimu, Chairman, Parents Forum, Alimosho LGA said: “Government is trying, but we want them to continue, especially by building of more schools. Parents also must put their children in schools.

Also speaking, Mr Ganiyu Akanbi, Chairman, Parents Forum, Ifako-Ijaiye LGA, who added that they were celebrating parents’ contributions to educational development in the state, said that the government had invested massively in education.

Akanbi, Vice Chairman, Lagos State Parents Forum, said: “The Lagos state government is trying, really trying, considering the metropolitan nature of the state. Many schools are involved here.

“However, we need real participation of parents in policy making because we know where the shoes pinches us.

“Parents who send children to private schools should join us. Lagos public schools are the best, ” he said.

On his part, Pastor Kayode Jesudele, Chairman, Parents Forum, Meran Community Senior School, said: “Lagos state government has tried enough.

“But more can still be done in the areas of classrooms, staff and furniture. However, we have to join hands together to move Lagos public schools forward.

Mr Ola Oresanya, the General Manager, Lagos State Waste Management Agency (LAWMA), who spoke on “21st Century Parental Care: Ensuring Greater Lagos Through Clean Sanitation”, harped on waste management in schools and homes.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that Oresanya was represented by Mrs Mojisola Adeleye, Head of Marketing and School Waste, LAWMA.

Oresanya urged parents to show concern for their children’s drinking water, as well as adequate treatment and disposal of human wastes and sewage.

He tasked parents on maintenance of hygienic conditions and clean environment, through proper garbage collection as well as excreta and waste water disposal, to forestall transmission of diseases.

Speaking on; “Child Protection Against Abuse”, Mrs Modupe Adebanbo, Head of Child Protection, Ministry of Youths and Social Development, urged parents to avoid physical, emotional and sexual abuse of their children.

Also delivering a speech on “Parenting, Safety and Security”, CSP Yinka Egbeyemi, the Chairman, Lagos State Task Force on Environmental and Special Offences, said that broken homes and lack of proper parenting had impacted negatively on the society.

Egbeyemi, who decried the rate of cultism in schools, said lack of endurance among couples which occasioned many broken homes, had exposed so many children to danger.

He identified poor parenting, lack of self-confidence, greed, curiosity and ignorance, as reasons why most children get involved in cultism and other illegal activities.

The task force boss urged parents to give birth to the number of children they could care for, and monitor them well.

The Chairman of the Day, Chief Safari Adaranijo, said that parents had a lot to do in the training of their children and moral upbringing, urging them to always ask their children questions and correct them.

Adaranijo, the erstwhile Chairman, Agege LG, was given an award of “Pillar of Parents Forum” by the district, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to education and parents forum.

Ayandele said that more was still being expected from parents in instilling moral values in children, but lauded them for their commitment to their children’s advancement.

She said that government had been doing its best to provide enabling environment for schools, urging parents to cooperate more with them.

Ayandele said that the district had won several laurels and the most recent was that the district produced the best candidate at the 2019 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination.

Highlights of the events include march past by parents from Alimosho, Agege and Ifako-Ijaiye.

Other events included a football match by combined team of Agege and Ifako-Ijaiye versus Alimosho I and II, gele (headgear) tying competition and dancing competition.




World Environment Day: Society urges Nigerians to protect planet earth



The President, Nigerian Environmental Society (NES), Dr Dorothy Bassey, on Saturday called on Nigerians to take ownership of the environment and protect planet earth.

Bassey made the call in Lagos, in the course of a  virtual celebration of the 2020 World Environment Day (WED) with the theme: “Celebrating Biodivesity’’.

According to her, every June 5, people worldwide are reminded of their individual rights to rise and become agents of transformation.

“This year’s theme is Biodiversity. Biodiversity and habitat loss have reached cataclysmic levels that today is the day, not tomorrow to focus on its effects and dangers if not stemmed.

“Human activities such as deforestation, intensified agriculture for food security, and industrialisation have pushed nature and the planet beyond its carrying capacity.

“The continued loss of millions of species going into extinction will lead to consequences humans are not yet focusing on.

“May the consequences of extinction not catch mankind unawares as COVID-19 did.

“We are ob the precipice of environmental collapse and crisis,’’ Bassey said.

The NES president said that the future generation expected “us to Think, Act and Sustain the environment”, adding, “we should not fail them”.

According to Bassey,  the world environment day is the largest global celebration for pragmatic environmental actions, where countries are brought together to commit to their responsibilities toward the earth.

Edited By: Abigael Joshua/Emmanuel Yashim (NAN)


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People participate in march to mark World Environment Day in Athens, Greece




Cyclists participate in a march marking the World Environment Day in Athens, Greece, June 5, 2020, (Photo by Lefteris Partsalis/Xinhua)


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World Environment Day: Nigerians must recognise interdependence of all lives on earth – CSOs



Climate and Sustainable Development Network (CSDevNet), a coalition of civil society organisations (CSOs), has called on Nigerians to collectively recognise the interdependence of all lives on earth.

Dr Ibrahim Choji, Chairman, Board of Trustees of CSDevNet, made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja on Saturday.

Choji spoke in commemoration of the 2020 World Environment Day (WED).

NAN reports that the WED is celebrated annually on June 5 and the theme for 2020 is “Celebrate Biodiversity”.

Choji said that biodiversity was the foundation that supports all lives on land and below the water.

“It affects every aspect of human health, providing clean air and water, nutritious foods, scientific understanding and medicine sources, natural disease resistance and climate change mitigation.

“Changing, or removing one element of this web, affects the entire life system and can produce negative consequences.

“Human actions, including deforestation, encroachment on wildlife habitats, intensified agriculture and acceleration of climate change have pushed nature beyond its limit,’’ he said.

According to him,  the emergence of COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the fact that, when we destroy biodiversity, we destroy the system that supports human life.

CSDevNet believes this year’s WED represents a call upon our collective conscience as Nigerians to be guided by the shared misery caused by the recent global pandemic.

“It also recognises the fragile linkages that human health and existence have with nature.

“The naked realities of the economic and social insecurity we are faced with has never been more obvious.

“If we still fail to see the connection between human health, human rights, human progress with nature now, then we open ourselves to an even more ominous future.’’

He added that Nigeria was blessed with natural elements, but that in its drive to industrialise and develop, a pathway was adopted which had led the country to where it is today.

“That is the rapidly changing climate laced with extreme indicators of poverty.”

According to him, to find our way back to the days of our flourishing flora, fauna and wide vegetation types, we must all continue to find ways to co-exist with nature.

He said that federal, state and local governments must ensure all remaining wild spaces are protected; implement efficient systems of waste management and adopt a circular economy.

Choji added that Nigerian government must ensure the observance of strong environmental impact assessments, implementation of all environmental guidelines and norms across sectors, especially extractive activities in coal, oil and gas.

“We must begin to build green infrastructure and support green enterprises as a pathway to a cleaner, healthier future,’’ he said.

The activist told NAN that the private sector needed to account for the environment in supply chains and financing, and adopt green measures.

“As civil societies and individuals, we need to rethink what we buy and use, and manage our consumption of all resources responsibly.

“Our youths must become committed gatekeepers of a green future.

“The quality of our lives and the survival of our population is dependent on these actions.

“As we work to build back our economy, let us not forget the cost of losing our fragile ecosystems that provide us good health, clean air, water and food,’’ he said.

He told NAN that economic growth could no longer be achieved at the cost of ecological imbalance.

“Well-balanced ecosystems, rich in biodiversity is fundamental to human existence, health, peace and progress.

“It is time to for us to wake up; this world environment day is time for nature,’’ he added.

Edited By: Emmanuel Okara/Abdulfatah Babatunde (NAN)

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People across world protest over death of George Floyd




People take part in a protest over the death of George Floyd in Frankfurt, Germany, June 5, 2020. (Xinhua/Lu Yang)


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World Environment Day marked in Afghanistan




People ride bicycles during a cycling event to mark World Environment Day in Bamiyan province, Afghanistan, June 5, 2020. (Photo by Azimi/Xinhua)


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UN chief asks entire world to change course on environment




UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Friday asked the entire world to change course on the environment.

“We are harming the natural world — to our own detriment,” he said in a message on World Environment Day, which falls on June 5.

“We need our entire global community to change course. Let’s rethink what we buy and use; adopt sustainable habits, farming and business models; safeguard remaining wild spaces and wildlife; commit to a green and resilient future.”

Habitat degradation and biodiversity loss are accelerating. Climate disruption is getting worse. Fires, floods, droughts and superstorms are more frequent and damaging. Oceans are heating and acidifying, destroying coral ecosystems, noted Guterres.

“And now, a new coronavirus is raging, undermining health and livelihoods. To care for humanity, we must care for nature,” he said. “As we work to build back better, let’s put nature where it belongs — at the heart of our decision-making.”


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Roundup: FAO, European countries mark World Environment Day by calling for protecting biodiversity




United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and a string of European countries Friday marked World Environment Day, calling for steps to make the world more resilient as it emerges from the coronavirus pandemic.


Qu Dongyu, director-general of the Rome-based United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), speaking at a virtual World Environment Day event, said protecting the environment leads to better health outcomes.

“Biodiversity provides the necessary infrastructure that supports life on earth,” Qu said. “We have to build up biodiversity. We now have an excellent opportunity to rethink the relationship between humans, animals, and the environment.”

“Better nature means better human health,” Qu concluded.

At FAO, the day was marked with a focus on biodiversity and a special “virtual” event.

“We are focused on the big global problem of the day, which is the coronavirus pandemic,” Berhe Tekola, the director of FAO’s Animal Health and Production Division, told Xinhua.

“But by protecting biodiversity, by advising people in poor countries on how they can eat more safely and how they can avoid environmental damage,” Tekola said, “we can have better health outcomes, and the world would be safer from some of the contagions that cause certain kinds of disease.”


Sergio Mattarella, Italy‘s president, made a similar point on the occasion of World Environment Day, themed “Time for Nature” this year.

“The dramatic events that have recently touched the whole of our planet demand that we acknowledge the essential link between the equilibrium of nature and our survival,” he said.

“To emerge from the difficulties that we are faced with today, we have an extreme need for research and for long-sighted policies that can imagine and render accessible a near future of sustainable prosperity,” the president continued.

Albanian President Ilir Meta also appealed for more efforts on environmental protection. Via a Twitter post, Meta said that no one should allow mismanagement of urban waste and air pollution to damage citizens’ lives.

“Albania lacks nothing to be the ‘diamond’ of the Mediterranean and Europe,” Meta said, calling for everyone’s contribution in protecting the country’s nature.

In neighboring North Macedonia, the government also reaffirmed commitment to preserved biodiversity.

“North Macedonia abounds with natural rarities and is fortunate to be endowed with rich biodiversity, but at the same time, it is our duty to preserve it,” the government said in a statement.


To mark World Environment Day, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis presented a plan for promoting electromobility. The target is for one in three new vehicles in the country to be electric by 2030.

Under the plan, the state would offer financial incentives for switching to electric vehicles. The incentives would cover about 25 percent of the cost for about 14,000 new electric cars, Mitsotakis said.

He said the funds allocated for this purpose would reach 100 million euros (113 million United States dollars) over 18 months.

Electric cars would also be exempt from parking fees for two years, and charging costs would be deductible from taxable income, the Greek leader said.

The government also aims to increase the number of electric buses on Greek roads. In an upcoming tender for new buses to be used in public transportation in Athens and Thessaloniki, a significant percentage would have to be electric vehicles.


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“The World of Banksy” comes to Prague on exhibition




Works of the British anonymous street art artist Banksy first appeared in Prague on Friday in an exhibition called “The World of Banksy — the Immersive Experience.”

The exhibition presented a selection of Banksy’s work — in the form of reproductions — to the public, which included over 60 printed items from private collections and more than 30 examples of wall graffiti.

The exhibition will last till Sept. 27.

In the first part of the exhibition, Banksy’s most famous graffiti are spray-painted on the panels, so the whole evokes a kind of street full of art that the visitor is walking on. Leading Czech street artists and academic painters worked on the redrawn motifs, and used techniques similar to those used by Banksy, said the curator of the exhibition.

In the second smaller part, the most famous printed versions of Banksy’s works can be seen.

Banksy, whose identity remains unknown, has become one of the world‘s most famous street artists. His works have appeared on walls in London, New York, Berlin, Gaza and Tokyo.

Unlike many current pop culture icons who thrive by promoting their faces and lives on social media, Banksy’s allure comes from his anonymity, which puts the message of art front and center.


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World Environment Day: Plateau commissioner decries indiscriminate dumping of waste



As the world celebrates this year’s Environment Day, Plateau environment commissioner Usman Idi has decried the indiscriminate dumping of refuse by residents of areas waste evacuators cannot access.

The commissioner told the News Agency of Nigeria , on Friday in Jos that the situation was impeding the evacuators’ efforts to discharge their duties diligently.

He said that the Plateau Environmental Protection And Sanitation Agency (PEPSA) had designated areas for residents to dump their waste to ensure a clean and healthy environment.

PEPSA designated places where refuse will be dumped and where the trucks can pick it, but people have nelected the areas. They throw their waste at every corner. This is very worrisome.

“Some people even throw waste into rivers making it impossible to evacuate such dirt.

“Some areas are not motorable because of indiscriminate erection of buildings, but people in those  houses feel they can dump their waste at their door step, ignoring the designated areas. The evacuators cannot go door to door,” he said.

The commissioner said that the waste plant at Mistali in Bassa Local Government would soon take off, and expressed optimism that the gesture would increase the number of waste collectors and create employment opportunities.

He said that 5,000 tree seedlings were planted in March at the Bukuru nursery under the UN REDD+ programme coordinated by the Federal Government, adding that Plateau had also benefited from the two FG afforestation interventions.

“One such intervention is in Ganuwuri, Riyom Local Government. It is 80 percent completed and we have planted 25,000 seedlings.

“The other one is in Mangu Local Government and is situated at Langai forest reserve. There, fencing has been completed and 15,000 seedlings will be taken to the site,” he said.

He said that Nigeria Erosion and Water Management Programme (NEWMAP), funded by the World Bank, facilitated the planting of 50,000 trees with 25,000 seedlings each, planted in Kanke and Shendam local Government Areas.

He said that as part of efforts to preserve the environment and discourage tree felling, the state distributed gas cylinders and stoves provided by the federal Government to communities close to the forest reserves across its 17 local governments.

Idi said that the world environment day was a key moment to create awareness on the need to conserve the environment as it assures good health and more productivity.

He added that tree planting not only beautifies the environment, but provides clean air.

NAN reports that the theme for the 2020 world environment day is “Biodiversity”.

Edited By: Nkiru Ifeajuna and Ephraims Sheyin (NAN)

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