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Writer tasks women on courage, professionalism



Writer tasks women on courage,  professionalism


Abuja, April 27, 2019 Niran Adedokun, a writer, has advised women to be courageous and professional in their various fields of endeavour to avoid being exploited.

Adedokun gave the advice in a interview with the News Agency of Nigeria at the sideline of the April Edition of the “Guest Writer Session” organised by the Abuja Writers Forum on Saturday.

Adedokun, author of “Ladies Calling the Shots”, said Nigerian women had proved to be successful in their various professions and should be celebrated and not looked down upon, especially by men.

” Men should understand that they should not take women for granted because of the positions and opportunities they have.

” When women deserve things give it to them without subjecting them to terrible situations.

“The girls and women should also know themselves, know your trade; if one man tries to molest you, walk away from that man, you will meet someone who will appreciate you for who you are and what you can do.”

Adedokun, a lawyer, said Nigerian women were not celebrated enough and the society had a role to play in putting an end to the trend.

According to him, starting from the home a mother must make the son realise that a girl was not inferior to him and on the need to respect a girl as much as he was respected.

“The boy must understand that there is nothing a boy can do that a girl cannot do and there is nothing a girl should do that a boy should not do.

“So, I think when we make our boys realise this things will change.

“We need to talk to men more on the need to give respect to women because the actual truth is that a society, a community, a home cannot attain its best until everyone comes to work together,” he said.

Adedokun, who read excerpts from his book “Ladies Calling the Shots” said the book was about the profile of 17 top female film and television directors in Nigeria.

He said what inspired the book was drawn out of a desire to highlight the role of a director, which was usually unsung and unappreciated.

According to him, I saw that Nigerian women were doing very well as directors and I compared it to the challenges their counterparts faced in countries like the U.S. and I must say Nigerian women are doing better.

” So, I felt I should highlight the women who have given us some of our best productions.

“Since the book came out, I have come to realise, it is something that inspires people to see they can attain what they set out to.”

He listed some of the women to include Amaka Igwe, Tope Oshin, Pat Oghre-Imobhio, Omonigho, Stephanie Linus, Ema Edosio, Oboli, Lola Fani Kayode, Adeola Osunkojo and Mildred Okwo.

NNN reports that high point of the event include reading of excerpts from the late Pius Adesanmi’s poems.

Adesanmi was one of the Nigerians who died on March 10 when Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 from Addis Ababa to Nairobi crashed shortly after take-off.