Zambian leader calls for increased wheat production



(Xinhua/NAN) Zambian President Edgar Lungu on Friday called on farmers to increase wheat production so that the country would become self-sufficiency in wheat.

Lungu said this while inaugurating  an ultra-modern milling plant in Lusaka by National Milling Corporation owned by Seaboard Corporation of the U.S.

While acknowledging that wheat production has been increasing over the years, the Zambian leader said the country had not yet reached a level where it was able to meet local demand.

“For businesses such as bakeries to survive, we still have to rely on wheat imports. This calls for increased wheat production locally, and increased local capacity to process,” he said.

According to him, increasing wheat production and processing will result in improved supply and price of wheat flour, a situation that will even enable the country start exporting the commodity.

He expressed happiness that the inauguration og the milling plant had the capacity to process about 600 tons per day, adding that more farmers should be encouraged to start growing wheat and expand their production because of a ready market.

He said value addition to raw materials was vital if Zambia was to become a middle income country by 2030 and if the economy was to flourish.

Ralf Moss,  Vice-President of Seaboard Corporation, commended the Zambian government for creating a conducive environment for foreign investment to flourish.

He said the milling plant, constructed at a cost of 37.5 million dollars, was unique in Africa. (Xinhua/NAN)


Edited by Fatima Sule/Tajudeen Atitebi

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