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Zimbabwe declares interim RTGS dollar sole legal currency



Zimbabwe has declared its interim currency, the RTGS dollar, the her sole legal tender with effect from Monday, according to a government notice published on Monday.

“The British pound, United States dollar, South African rand, Botswana pula and any other foreign currency whatsoever shall no longer be legal tender alongside the Zimbabwe dollar in any transactions in Zimbabwe,” the notice said.

The RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) dollar was introduced by the government on Feb. 22 as the first step towards a new currency by year-end.

However, by last week it had plunged 60 per cent against the U.S. dollar and some Zimbabweans complain that many goods and services are still priced in foreign currencies, mainly the dollar and the rand.

Zimbabwe adopted the U.S. dollar as its official currency in 2009, when most of the citizens had already ditched the hyperinflation-wrecked Zimbabwe dollar.

Analysts fear the same situation repeating itself with the interim currency.